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Blivet Quilo Boot

Blivet Quilo Boot
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The previous QUILO had already redefined the characteristics for top level winter cycling, it was designed to suit the most demanding riders. We have collected comments and suggestions and this new generation of QUILO boots offers you even more.

All the required materials for its construction were carefully studied, some were modified to enhance comfort, performance and aesthetics.

Sturdy synthetic leather panels are still part of the recipe, but this new generation comes with a beautiful matte finish. The internal material (from toe to ankle height) has been modified. In order to eliminate as much moisture as possible, which often causes frostbite, we have replaced the micro fleece with a more breathable material that dries quickly. The comfortable micro fleece is still used at the top of the boot. We have also changed the design of the toe area to further maximize comfort and keep the toes as far away as possible from the cold outer layers of material.

Still by far the lightest boot in the industry, the QUILO offers an excellent ''cold protection'' index. You will find 200g of insulation Thinsulate 3M ™ as well as a highly efficient Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) thermal wall. Blivet pays special attention to keep the cold transmitted by the cleat's counterplate, but also in the whole outsole without forgetting our 'LISZT AIR TOEBOX'' design with extraordinary volume at the toes. Comfortable to walk with, greater flexibility at the ankle, no compromise in the stiffness of the North Sharp Claw outsole. Vibram ® which provides excellent power transfer when pedaling, an outsole width reminding the one of a summer shoe, with a reduced volume. The QUILO is equipped with two laces that independently and precisely adjust the foot and ankle area for optimal comfort. With a wide tightening strap positioned at the calf and an orverall height of 21cm from the ground, the snow will never reach you.

The QUILO is definitely the best winter cycling boot on the market.